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Building Aggregates

Available in 1-20 tonne loose loads – Available in 850kg Bulk bags

When it comes to providing a variety of aggregate in Essex we are here to meet all of your needs. We offer a range of Sands, Ballast, Gravel and MOT’s all of which come with both primary and secondary aggregates options.

Our Primary Aggregates are all virgin materials being directly sourced from quarries and the sea. Natural sourcing makes this product far cleaner, and all elements are separated to ensure uniform quality throughout your product. Our secondary and recycled aggregate is sourced from the wash plant and is comprised of all of the product that doesn’t meet the criteria of primary Aggregate. It isn’t quite as pure as the primary product but it’s far cheaper as a result. All of our secondary and recycled aggregate is processed and recycled on site contributing to a far more eco-friendly process.


  • Sharp Sand (primary)
  • Building Sand (primary)
  • Soft sand (primary)
  • Play sand (primary)
  • fill/ reject sand (recycled)
  • 0-20mm ballast  (primary)
  • 0-10mm ballast (primary)
  • Reject recycled ballast (recycled)
  • 6mm gold
  • 4-10mm gold
  • 10-20mm gold
  • 4-10mm white
  • 10-20mm white
  • 20-40mm white
  • Secondary 10mm shingle (recycled)
  • Secondary 20mm shingle (recycled)
MOT Type 1
  • type 1 limestone(0-45mm down) pink
  • type 1 limestone(0-45mm down) yellow
  • type 1 granite (0-45mm down)
  • type 3 granite (0-63mm)
  • 0-2mm granite
  • 0-4mm granite
  • 0-4mm limestone
  • 2-6mm granite
  • 4-10mm granite
  • 10-20mm granite
  • Type 1X (0-45mm reduced fines)
Type 1 Crush
  • TYPE 1 crushed hardcore 50mm down
  • 6F2 75mm down to dust
  • 6F5 75MM Down reduced fines
  • Oversized crush – 75-100mm nuggets with no fines
  • Reject hardcore/ stone- 40-70mm clean washed stones and hardcore nuggets
  • Blue slate chippings –   40mm approx. in size
  • Purple slate chippings – 40mm approx. in size
  • Cotswold Chippings (buff colour)
  • Scottish pebbles – Varies from 40-60mm in size
  • Play bark
  • Play Sand
  • Landscaping bark

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