“What kind of topsoil do I need?” it’s a good question and one that we’d be happy to help you answer on the phone. The one thing we can guarantee is the quality of our entire range of topsoils. All our topsoil is recycled from gardens, not building sites, and is screened on site to 10mm by our state of the art screener. But when it comes to the type of topsoil you need, it really depends on the task at hand.

We offer four kinds of topsoil.

Standard Topsoil – our standard topsoil range is a 20mm screened and a good all-rounder useful for landscaping and raising garden levels.

  • Premium Multipurpose Topsoil – Our 10mm screened premium topsoil is your go to for all of your lawn seeding needs and perfect for preparing ground for laying turf.
  • Enriched Topsoil– Our enriched topsoil is packed with all the necessary nutrients to ensure healthy and bountiful growth of your flowers and vegetables. It’s a 50/50 blend of our 10mm multipurpose topsoil and our PAS100 certified compost.
  • Turfing Topsoil – Our turfing topsoil is a 70% topsoil and 30% sharp sand mix. It’s a sandy loam perfect for manicured lawns, which is a better base for pre turfing as it gives turf more surface area to attach itself to.For further details on our specialist top dressing topsoil and specialist loams please get in touch.