About Our Company

“Our company ethics guide everything that we do. We put high quality products and environmental awareness at the forefront of everything that we do, and we believe that we’re able to offer a much better product as a result of it.”  – The Topsoil & Turf Company.

After 15 years working in haulage, company co-founder Steve became tired of what he saw as glaring but fixable issues within the business: Unreliability, a one size fits all approach and a massive and relatively unchecked negative effect on the environment . But instead of deciding to change his career, he decided help change the industry.

Together we began to tackle the problem with the creation of Turf and Topsoil’s sister company Stig’s Grab Service ltd. We realised that accessibility was the be all and end all in the haulage industry so we set about creating a varied fleet of delivery vehicles so that we can provide reliable and speedy delivery to just about any property.

Less unnecessarily large lorries and quicker delivery times went some way to reducing our environmental impact, but when we set up turf and topsoil we realised this wouldn’t’ be enough. 100% of our topsoil is recycled and screened on site. Not only does this mean that we can control our environmental impact but we can also guarantee a level of the highest quality for our products. We know that most people aren’t experts when it comes to topsoil and turf so to make things a bit easier we offer a free over the phone support and advice service. Whether you’re just looking for topsoil delivered near you or you’re wanting to end the topsoil vs compost debate, give us a call and let Rachel give you a hand.

We also provide a Muck Away service. We know that the end of the groundwork project isn’t the end of the job, and the clean-up can often take just as long. As well as bringing in aggregate we can also come and remove your muck and waste making for a much more cost effective process. The muck away service also covers collection of soil, clay, hard core, green waste (excluding tree stumps), and horse muck. For all of your haulage needs please head to our sister site, Stig’s Grab Service

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– Steven Lee

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