Bark, Compost & Mulch

One of the questions we hear the most is “What’s the difference between topsoil and compost?” They both play totally different but equally important roles in a vegetable garden or flower patch but compost or mulch is essential for providing the correct nutrients for growth. Our 10mm compost is a good all-rounder when it comes to planting, it’s a finer grade and looks great as a topping on flower beds. Our 30mm Mulch is a coarser product which will provide your vegetables with all of the nutrients they could ever need to ensure healthy growth and a better yield and it’s more cost effective too.

Our bark is all quality tested and the same goes for our range of composts. Whatever your needs might be we’ve got it covered with our range of composts all of which are PAS100 certified, guaranteeing the highest possible quality.

We offer two different types of bark. Our landscaping bark is perfect for all of your gardening needs. It’s biodegradable and free of any harmful chemicals. Our children’s bark is the best option for when it comes to putting together trim trails or play areas. And don’t worry, it’s safe enough and robust enough to deal with years of playtime.